Saturday, 22 May 2010

New Arrival

My New Trainers - Mizuno Nirvana Wave 6

I got my new trainers today!!! I would take them out for a test run but for my aching muscles from yesterdays 12 miler to work. My legs have been especially aching today so no first run in the trainers till probably Tuesday.
I overpronate so need a support trainer, I've had New Balance and Brooks in the past. The new balance trainers I like but the Brooks Addictions that I had were like running in bricks and I suffered injuries with them. It was July last year that I went to Alton Sports in Alton, Hampshire, where after running on the instore treadmill and watching my gait on the video replay they suggested a few trainers.
One of the pairs was the Mizuno Nirvana Wave 5, and once I had tried them was hooked.
Although they are a support trainer they don't have a medial post within them which a lot of support trainers have. The medial post I find can sometimes feel like an obstruction on the foot, but the medial wave system that Mizuno uses eliminates this.
Nearly a year later I'm back at the same store and have gone for the new model the Wave 6. Pretty much the same as the wave 5, but a different colour scheme and improvements with the snug fitness around the tounge of the trainer.

You can check out a review I found on YouTube below:

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